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Great Website Hosting Offers

If you you want to design and manage your own website, our great hosting packages provide all the tools you need including a powerful Control Panel, enabling you all aspects of your web site and email.

If you would like us to design and manage your site, we will recommend a hosting package that suits the size and nature of your site.

1. Domain registration

We can register your own domain name and host it for you. You will need a domain name for any of our web services, although if you already have registered a name, we can arrange to host it for you on our servers. See domain prices here.

2. Email premium account: £25.00 per year.

We can host your existing domain, or you can register a new domain with us. Includes up to 10 email address, auto-responders,  junk email filters, webmail for access anywhere in the world and email distribution lists and single web page. Set up and manage your own email addresses, passwords etc though your own control panel.  £10.00 one-off initial set up fee.

3. Starter hosting account: £5.00 per month.

The ideal package for small business and local trade who can design and manage their own site or has used our  web-design service. Includes hosting your existing domain name, email, 2000mb web space, free software, your own domain control panel, interactive forms and other scripts. No initial set up fee. Website design and domain registration is not included

4. Silver Hosting account: £10.00 per month

For those that want to design and manage their own site, this provides many of the tools you will need. Includes .co.uk domain if required,, email, 3000mb web space, numerous tools and utilities, search engine submission, CGI scripts and access to our unique web builder package . . . . build you own site with little expertise. One-ff initial set-up fee £25.00

5 Gold Hosting Account: £15.00 per month

For internet professionals to design your own site and have full control over the hosting - Its all here, 5000 mb web space, 10 gb data transfer, free domain, templates, web builder, all available tools and utilities, e-commerce. £100 setup fee.

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