RB Consulting


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Managing or starting your own business need not be so lonely. We can help in a number of ways

This is  a ‘hands on’ business by local business coach Roger Barrow, based on a personal involvement with  clients’ needs.  With a wealth of experience in business management, retail, merchandising, promotion, internet design and marketing, PC software, print design and web expertise you will find a friendly face  be on hand to sort things out for you, and talk in a language you will understand.

Clients are not expected  to be computer or business experts, and you need have no worries about the technical aspects of domain name registration, web mastering or email systems, pc and network configuration, everything and anything can be taken care of for you.

This could be something as small as just getting your computer set up efficiently, sorting out those irritating error messages, helping you devise a spreadsheet that will cut you accountants fees in half, improving control of stock so you are maximising sales with minimum of stock investment, or making the best use of your retail space.   Our first consultation is free.

Getting your business in gear